Terms & Conditions


City Clean Inc. takes great pride in its workmanship and will endeavor to provide you (the client) with the best service available, however it is necessary to establish the following conditions under which City Clean Inc. will provide the services on the reverse side of this agreement. The client agrees with City Clean Inc as follows:


1.         Because of the age and existing condition of the client’s property and other factors beyond the control of City Clean Inc., the obligations of City Clean Inc to the client shall be limited to the application of quality products and providing experienced labor.  City Clean Inc. makes no other warranties, expressed or implied.      
2.         Existing conditions on the clients property include but are not limited to: (a) loose or flaking paint-which may peel off during pressure washing, (b) loose siding which may come off during pressure washing, (c) loose pickets or lattice work on decks- which may come off during pressure washing, and (d) loose caulking or poor fit around doors and windows which may cause water leakage.  We will not be held responsible for existing conditions that may not be visible at the time of initiation such as a failed window seal.  Pressure washing alone will not cause this damage, however if this condition already exists pressure washing can further the damage by forcing water between the panes of glass resulting in condensed water vapor between the panes.  Other existing conditions that may exist are stains, discoloration, faded paint and oxidation.  These conditions may be worsened by pressure washing and may be so severe that pressure washing alone may not remove it.
3.         The client agrees to assume the risk that the proper application of pressure washing products may cause to existing conditions of the client’s property as outlined above and otherwise.  The client further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify City Clean Inc, its agents, and technicians with respect to any suits, causes of action, claims or demands that may be brought for such damages.
4.         Payment is due upon completion of the stated work.  The client shall pay City Clean Inc. interest at the rate of 2% per month on any balance still due after 7 calendar days from the work completion date.
5.         All additional work requested will be performed at a price in addition to the herein agreed upon price and payment shall be due upon completion of work.
6.         If City Clean Inc. has to resort to legal action to collect amounts past due, the client agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees, plus litigation and court costs.
7.         This agreement including these conditions, constitutes the final agreement between the parties.  There are no representations, terms, or conditions (oral or written) other than these set forth in this agreement.  The submission of this agreement for the clients signature does not obligate City Clean Inc. to perform the services described unless the agreement is accepted, approved and signed by all parties involved.  The law governing this transaction shall be that in force at the date of this agreement in the state of Maryland. 


Notice Of Cancellation

You have the right to rescind this contract within 72 hours after the date that you sign by notifying us in writing.