Why Hire Us?

More often than not, if you hire someone who is not qualified or “does this on the side”, this is what you could end up with.



We understand that you care a great deal about your property and as homeowners ourselves we can relate to having a stranger working on your property. To put your mind at rest we have compiled a FAQ section that should answer some of these questions. We want you to choose the right company for your needs, so here are some things to consider when comparing companies.




Are you licensed in the state of Maryland for home improvements?
YES, M.H.I.C. License #83810. Although it is a Maryland State Law for pressure washing companies to have an active MHIC License, few contractors follow this rule which can put the homeowner at risk.


Are you insured and bonded?
YES, we carry a $ 2,000,000 liability insurance policy and have all required vehicle insurance.


How long have you been in the pressure washing business in MD?
Proudly serving Maryland Since 1996!


Do you carry material safety data sheets on every job site?
YES, we have all OSHA required MSDS sheets on every job!


Do you have extensive knowledge about chemical safety and proper use?
YES, through a great deal of research we have found the safest and most effective cleaning solutions to get the job done right… the first time!


Do you have reliable, up-to-date equipment for all your work?
YES, we use professional, properly maintained, hot & cold-water units.


Do your employees wear safety gear and uniforms for identification?
YES, on every job.


Do you give free estimates?


Do you have pictures and testimonials of previous jobs?
YES, We have an extensive collection of both!


Do you use a low-pressure system to prevent water from entering behind the siding?
YES, our system uses a combination of specialty cleaning solutions and low pressure to kill all mold & mildew while removing pollen, carbon deposits and insect waste. We can also whiten your gutters to bring back the original shine.


Do you use soaps that are not harmful to plants?
YES, our house washing products have a neutral pH and are safe for vegetation.


Do you have the proper knowledge of wood restoration and sealing?
YES, our employees have gone through many hours of professional training.


Do you neutralize the wood after cleaning and/or stripping?
YES, this is a crucial step in the restoration process.


What types/colors of sealers are available to me?
We have several professional grade products to choose from and we will evaluate each job and make recommendations based on your needs at that time.


Do you use a sprayer or hand-apply the sealer to the wood?
Both, dependent on the best application for each job at hand.


What pressure do you use to clean the wood?
Under 1,000 PSI to avoid damaging the woods surface.


Will the cleaning solutions that you use be harmful to my plants, children or pets?
We have spent a great deal of time perfection our solutions to make them safe for your plants, children and pets. With any type of cleaning solution, there is some risk involved if not properly used and that is why we are trained in chemical safety and handling and carry the OSHA requires M.S.D.S. (Material Safety and Data Sheets) on every job site.


Is the pressure of your machine going to damage my siding, brick, wood or any thing else?
NO. We use a soft wash or low pressure system that is designed to limit your properties exposure to high pressure washing. House washing is typically kept under 500 psi (pounds per square inch) and wood restoration under 1000 psi. This is done with the use of cleaning solutions that kill 100% of the mold and mildew. They also remove pollution buildup, pollen and insect webs and droppings.


Do we bring our own water?
We generally use the client’s water due to the excessive weight of hauling the water on our trailer mounted units. An average sized house will only use about $3.00 worth of water.