Concrete Washing & Sealing

Commercial concrete cleaning involves high pressure and sometimes even hot water to remove oil, grease, food waste, gum and walk up traffic stains. We provide cleaning services for parking garages, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, restaurants, loading docks, dumpster and trash compactor pads and any other concrete area that customers walk on leaving dirt marks, spills and gum.


Concrete washing is valued because often times it is the first thing that your customers see.  Seeing clean concrete is impressive and it says to your customers that you care about your property.  This is a vital part of any business because clean businesses attract more customers.



We understand that our commercial clients are very budget minded and often times look at the bottom line above all other factors. Our prices are kept competitive with constant market research and price shopping of competitors. City Clean meets the demands put on it to do the work on time and at the price quoted. This attribute is attractive to clients and keeps them coming back. Where necessary wastewater is recovered so that the clients are compliant with the clean water act.