Building Washing

Image and cosmetics are so important because the building is the first thing that your customers see. Seeing a clean building is impressive and it says to your customers that you care about your assets. This is a vital part of any business because clean businesses attract more customers.


The term property management dictates that there is an ongoing need for a clean image. We have been on projects ranging from small apartment complexes all the way to the 10 story Department of Justice building in DC, giving us the experience to get your building clean again.


Building washing has many challenges keeping most competitors out of the market. There is almost always the need for a man-lift which means having a qualified lift operator that understands OSHA regulations. This operator must also understand the techniques for washing a building to be an effective driver. There is also the challenge of knowing which cleaners are the most effective, safe and efficient. In addition there needs to be awareness of road closures, permits for parking meters, EPA standards for wastewater runoff and environmental factors such as lead paint. To sum it up, this is not a job for the average contractor. It takes a special team of qualified professionals to get the job done safely, effectively and in a timely manner.